Awareness Month for Kidney Disease and Mental Health

Awareness Month for Kidney Disease and Mental Health

People are unaware of how kidney disease can take a toll on one mental health. If any of us are dealing with kidney patients know that it has a major impact on one’s life. Every month of May known as Mental Awareness Month provides the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the emotional and mental health impact of kidney disease. Some of the common symptoms like depression, feelings of stress, or anxiety are faced by those living with kidney disease as well as their caregivers. Be in touch with Dr. Karan the best nephrologist in Raipur and know more about kidney disease treatment.

The ones suffering from CKD commonly known as Chronic Kidney disease and kidney failure have a 3 to 4 times higher prevalence of depression compared with the general population. A nationwide survey released in 2018 depicted that depression emerged as a leading contributing factor to the treatment of nonadherence, whereas a study released this month showcased that mental illness is associated with poorer health outcomes among people with self-reported CKD. Both these cases show the need to improve the management of mental health needs within kidney care. However, the published research portrays that mental health issues are significant among many people living with kidney disease. Facing kidney-related disorders consult Dr. Karan one of the Best Kidney Doctor in Raipur who is a specialist in treating and diagnosing kidney problems.

Though it’s normal to have emotional ups and downs from time to time when those feelings become more frequent or serious, seeing a mental health professional is important for overall health. Although most people think mental health professionals only treat severe cases, mental health is just as important as physical health. The foremost step in improving mental health is to know how to identify the issue. Common symptoms may include:


You may be unaware of the symptoms of depression. It differs for each person and may overlap with the side effects of kidney disease and kidney disease treatment. The following symptoms may include –

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Loss of energy, fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • The feeling of powerlessness over the disease
  • The feeling of hopelessness


If we talk about anxiety, it is of different types when experienced regularly. There are a few of them that includes –

  • Panic disorder is faced when one experiences repeated sudden panic attacks and intense fear with physical symptoms such as heart racing, difficulty in breathing, sweating, and feelings of terror.
  • Generalized Anxiety comes with intense fear and worries for little to no reason.
  • Society Anxiety happens when there is intense worry about daily social interactions.
  • Phobias are known as an intense fear of a specific situation or object.
  • Agoraphobia is a situation of fear and avoidance of places that might cause feelings of panic, feeling trapped, feeling helpless in such a condition it is difficult to leave home.
  • In medical science, there are many resources to aid those with stress and mental health challenges that are associated with kidney disease. For more information regarding kidney health awareness consult the best kidney specialist in Raipur, Dr. Karan, who is a well-known medical practitioner.

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