Health advancement in Kidney Stone treatment

Health advancement in Kidney Stone Treatment

In today’s advanced world innovations are rapidly taking place. At present, three recent innovations are brought that are improving kidney stone surgery in a variety of ways:  new holmium laser, miniaturized surgery, and disposable ureteroscopes. 

1. A High-powered laser facilitates stone removal

The latest laser technique uses a patented technology called “Moses that makes it easier to remove kidney stones. The best thing about this technology is that it works faster and is potentially safer.  Moses helps keep the stone in its place and then it becomes easier for the surgeon to break down stones without damaging surrounding tissues and causing bleeding. Moreover, Moses let the surgeons remove kidney stones, using them.  Hence,  the procedure can be performed more efficiently by removing more stone volume per unit time, which helps reduce the procedure time. If you need any sort of consultation related to a kidney problem then look for the best kidney doctor in Raipur they will assist you in the best possible manner.

2. A miniaturized procedure

Usually, for larger kidney stones, surgeons make small incisions in the lower back and then use a small camera and instruments to break up and remove the stones.  Now with the latest technique called mini PCNL or mini perc, incisions and instruments are smaller.  With the type of procedure, different types of surgery are performed that prove to be less traumatic, with less cutting. Thus, there will be less bleeding and less pain during recovery. The best kidney specialist in Raipur provides advanced-quality treatment to patients at affordable prices.

3. Single-use scopes

This new technique has the potential to give more patients access to ureterology to treat their stones. There are reusable scopes that are expensive and also fragile and often require a certain number of cases.  But with the new single-use scopes, this is not a concern as this scope is only used once. Hospitals usually keep some single-use scopes on hand in case the re-usable scope breaks. Moreover,  this prevents patients from having to have their surgeries canceled or delayed and improves access to care.

There are other innovations for kidney stone treatment that are in the pipeline today. Kidney doctor in Raipur is using specialized techniques in treating stones.

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