Myths Related to Kidney Transplant

Myths Related to Kidney Transplant

We all know the function of a kidney is to remove waste from the bloodstream. Once the kidneys fail to perform this function,  the waste starts getting accumulated in the body. As time passes, the accumulation of waste leads to kidney failure and ultimately death. But, if we talk about kidney transplants,  it is one of the most effective treatments to avoid total kidney failure.  Whereas, in a kidney transplant, the defunct kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney of a donor. However,  in our country, the procedure of kidney transplant is discredited due to several myths.  Be in touch with the best kidney specialist in Raipur who has performed multiple renal transplantations on live as well as cadaver donors.  The doctor’s team has done a commendable job of optimizing dialysis prescriptions. 

Below is a reality check on these myths: –

Myths 1 – As compared to dialysis kidney transplant is very expensive

Fact:  If we talk about dialysis, it is required throughout the lifetime of patients. Cost of frequent dialysis if compared with a kidney transplant, then a transplant works out as a better deal. 

Myths 2 – For transplantation, anyone can donate a kidney.

Fact:  For kidney donation, only family members like nephews, nieces, spouses,  brothers,  sisters, and first cousins are eligible to donate a kidney for transplantation. However,  a kidney from a cadaver can be obtained after completion of a waiting period.

Myth 3 – Most of the time kidney transplant fails.

Fact:  In reality, the success rate of a kidney transplant is as high as 95%.  With the latest advancement being used in kidney transplants in hospitals, the rate of failure is usually nil.

Myth 4 – Once the kidney transplant procedure is completed,  the candidate will be too weak and won’t be able to look after his/her family.

Fact:  In general with proper care and diet, one can gain their strength back and lead a perfectly normal life, and can look after their family.

Myth 5 – A woman cannot get pregnant after a kidney transplant.

Fact: kidney transplantation does not affect any other function of the body.  Thus,  a female can attain pregnancy even after a kidney transplant. The best kidney doctor in Raipur provides truly hassle-free kidney transplants. The doctor’s team strives hard to provide the finest treatment to the patients.

Myth 6 – Get rid of any kidney disease after the transplant –

Fact:  Usually one can get kidney disease even after a transplant. Hence,  one has to follow a strict diet,  maintain hygiene, and exercise regularly to keep kidney disease or any other infection at bay. Consult the best nephrologist in Raipur Dr. Karan who has a profound knowledge of medical ethics. He is well-efficient in treating kidney-related disorders if you suffer any.

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