How to Determine Kidney Stone Treatment

How to Determine Kidney Stone Treatment

Once your kidney stones have been identified your physician will likely suggest a course of therapy. But what needs to bear in mind before beginning the treatment?  Let’s check out what things to remember: –

1. Figure out the types of kidney stones you have –

You may be unaware that there are several kidney stone varieties,  and each variety has a unique course of therapy.  For example, calcium-based stones are often removed surgically, but struvite is frequently treated with drugs.  The top nephrologist in Raipur will recommend the best therapy to kidney patients. 

2. Stone size –

The larger the stone the more intensive the treatment,  whereas smaller stones might be able to pass spontaneously.

3. Area of the kidney stone –

The optimal course of therapy will also depend on where the actual problem lies.  If the stone is found in the ureter a tube that transplants urine from the kidney to the bladder,  then it becomes necessary to remove the stone, whereas,  if the kidney itself is where the stone is situated it is frequently treatable without surgery or with medicine.

4. Your Health Condition –

The treatment plan requires an account for any additional medical issues you have,  such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

5. Pain tolerance –

Some kidney stone treatments are quite uncomfortable.  Try to consider a less intrusive treatment option if you have a low pain threshold.

6. Side effects of the treatment –

Vomiting and nausea are some of the effects of several kidney stone therapies. Before beginning the therapy,  make sure you are aware of any potential adverse effects. If you are facing a severe kidney-related disorder visit the top kidney doctor in Raipur who will help and diagnose any symptoms affecting your kidney.

7. Composition of the stone –

There are uric acid-containing stones that require more intensive treatment whereas calcium or struvite-containing stones are more likely to pass naturally. 

8. Cosy of the treatment –

Before beginning any course of therapy for kidney stones,  ask your doctor about the cost of treatment.

Want a detailed  information about the cost of the treatments and therapy consult the top kidney specialist in Raipur.

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